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Drew Presley

Phone: 972-742-3493

Originally from Mesquite, Texas, Drew Presley’s diverse journey encompasses sports, military service, and successful sales careers. After graduating from Forney High School in 2008, he dedicated time to the United States Coast Guard. Drew’s sports enthusiasm led him to roles with the Texas Rangers and Dallas Mavericks, culminating in his own office overseeing sales for the St. Louis Cardinals. As the former General Manager of an RV dealership, he connected customers nationwide with their dream motorhomes. Now, Drew brings his rich background to real estate, poised to guide clients in their real estate endeavors.

Work and Skills
Drew Presley’s professional journey is marked by a passion for effective communication and a deep understanding of client priorities. Drawing from his experience in sports sales and RV dealership management, Drew excels in recognizing and addressing client needs. His time overseeing outside sales for the St. Louis Cardinals and serving as the General Manager of an RV dealership has honed his solution-oriented approach. Colleagues and clients alike describe Drew as caring, fun, and helpful, emphasizing his dedication to client satisfaction. In real estate, Drew leverages these strengths to provide exceptional service and guide clients toward successful property transactions.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Drew Presley finds joy in an active lifestyle, including working out, softball, rock climbing, and Jiu Jitsu. A recent half marathon completer, he looks forward to more races and Jiu Jitsu competitions. In his personal life, Drew treasures his relationships, particularly with his girlfriend, Lexi Green, and their lively household of two dogs and three cats. These personal passions and connections enrich Drew’s life, providing a well-rounded balance to his dynamic professional journey.

“What truly sold me was the welcoming atmosphere and friendly demeanor of everyone in the office. LEAGUE isn’t just a workplace; it’s a community of both professional connections and genuine friendships, making it the ideal fit for me.”

Why Drew?
LEAGUE happily welcomes Drew Presley to our team, as his background in sports sales and commitment to client-focused service perfectly align with our core motto, #ReadyToServe. Drew’s effective communication, solution-oriented mindset, and genuine care exemplify our commitment to serving with integrity and providing exceptional value. Clients working with Drew can expect a dedicated ally who not only understands their unique needs but also strives to turn their real estate goals into reality.

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