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Katie Reames

Phone: 817-266-9432

Born in Fort Worth and raised in Burleson, Katie is proud to have deep roots in Johnson County. A former teacher, Katie always felt her extroverted soul wasn’t meant to stay within the four walls of a classroom forever. It didn’t take long to discover that real estate offered the perfect avenue to channel her passion for relationships and her commitment to service.

Work & Skills
Not only is Katie excellent with caring for and communicating with people, she is also a dedicated, hard-working agent who will stop at nothing to meet the needs of her clients. “I have high expectations for myself,” she says, and these expectations mean she consistently delivers the best possible experience for her clients. One past client describes Katie as “the epitome of a servant realtor… She has a big smile, a big heart, and big guns when things need to be handled.”

Katie, her husband Jason, and their three kids love to travel. She is a firm believer in collecting moments rather than things. But traveling doesn’t distract her from her commitment to her home community. She serves as president of the home owner’s association in her neighborhood and serves as a high school girls youth leader at her church. Wherever she is you will certainly find Katie surrounded by people. Whether clients, family, community members, or girlfriends, Katie is an extroverted people-person who is energized by spending time with people.

“At LEAGUE I get to be part of a close-knit family with technology and media as the driving force of marketing and growing my business.”

Why Katie?
From the moment you meet Katie you are blown away by her warm smile and her gregarious personality. She is one of those rare people whose presence immediately puts you at ease. Her love of people and commitment to service are certainly part of what make her an excellent agent and a wonderful addition to the LEAGUE family. But she is also a tenacious worker and a wise negotiator who can weather any situation thrown her way. She is certainly a friend and ally you want in your corner!