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Raegan Wilson

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Raegan Wilson was raised in Burleson, Texas, where she grew up with her two older brothers. At the age of 12, her family packed up for Dallas, which is where her love for real estate began. Settling into an older home in a beautiful community, they embarked on a renovation journey that ignited her love for transforming properties. It was through that experience with her family home that her passion for real estate took root, laying the foundation for a career dedicated to bringing new life to homes.

Work & Skills
Raegan dove headfirst into the real estate world during her stint in Houston, where she joined a private equity firm that included development, investments, and a commercial brokerage. In just a year, she soaked up a wealth of knowledge, realizing the endless possibilities within the industry. Raegan’s outgoing nature propelled her to excel in building connections—a talent she’s refined since childhood. She also cultivated a strong attention to detail and love for organizing everything down to the last detail. But what really sets her apart is her knack for communication and listening, making her a go-to person for understanding clients’ needs and guiding them through the real estate journey with ease.

When she’s not diving into real estate, Raegan is all about living life to the fullest. You’ll find her casting lines with her fiancé on fishing trips, hanging out with friends and family, or getting lost in a good book. But her absolute favorite place to be? Her parents’ ranch, where she’s in her element playing with the animals, cuddling her pups, and helping her dad tackle his latest building project.

“When looking for a brokerage to join, I wanted a place where I would be free to talk about ideas, ask questions, and grow as an agent. That is exactly how I felt walking into LEAGUE. Everyone is knowledgeable and kind, and I feel at home at LEAGUE Real Estate!”

Why Raegan?
Raegan doesn’t just see her clients as transactions; she takes the time to understand them as individuals with unique stories and goals. Her attentive listening and willingness to go above and beyond set her apart in the industry. Here at LEAGUE, we’re glad to have Raegan on our team. Her commitment and caring approach make her an excellent choice for anyone seeking a trusted advisor to navigate the real estate journey with.

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