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Grace Wigginton

Phone: 682-404-6414


Grace Wigginton, originally from Burleson, Texas, and a graduate of Joshua High School, experienced the small-town atmosphere where everyone knew each other. Witnessing the rapid growth of her community, she decided to take a leap of faith during her junior year of high school. Choosing to forgo her senior year, she focused on real estate, graduating a year early and entering real estate school at the age of 17. With determination, she obtained her license right after turning 18 and ventured into the real estate industry. Grace attributes her career choice to a strong sense of purpose, finding peace in the sacrifices she made to pursue her passion.

Work & Skills

As a recent high school graduate entering the workforce, Grace may lack formal work experience but brings strong habits cultivated as a full-time student. Described as a sociable individual with a vibrant personality, she thrives on interpersonal interactions, ensuring lively moments in any room. Additionally, Grace demonstrates adaptability to change and embraces challenges with enthusiasm.


Grace places a strong emphasis on spending quality time with her friends and family, cherishing meaningful connections. Actively engaging in her church community is another significant priority for her. She also expresses a deep appreciation for the amenities Johnson County offers, from shopping to restaurants and beautiful scenery. Grace finds the county’s vibrant atmosphere and diverse array of activities to be essential, making it an ideal place for her to settle down.


“Joining LEAGUE was not a hard decision for me at all because after my first conversation with Cody, I knew that LEAGUE was where I needed to be. Everyone in the office wants the best for their agents, so they are very attentive and open to helping with anything you need. To add on to that, being in the office felt like home to me! All that being said, I am so excited to see what the future has in store for me at LEAGUE!”

Why Grace

Grace Wigginton’s early entry into real estate provides a significant opportunity. Recognizing the potential to showcase success and earn respect regardless of age, Grace is determined to prove herself and demonstrate her capabilities. Grace’s approach is characterized by a strong sense of responsibility, as she pledges to seek advice from appropriate sources when faced with uncertainties, ensuring that every decision is well-informed and in the best interest of her clients. Her dedication to professionalism and thoroughness aligns seamlessly with LEAGUE’s commitment to providing meaningful service and we are glad to welcome her to the team!