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Marcus Montbriand

Phone: 817-296-5886

Marcus was given the unique experience of growing up all over the US as a “military baby.” Before Marcus entered real estate, he earned his degree in criminal justice and worked as a paralegal, then later as a mechanic and electronic tech for the Trinity River Authority. Marcus’s desire to help others eventually led him to real estate.

Work & Skills
Marcus brings a special skill set to real estate. His experience as a paralegal lended him with a lot of contract experience, including a full understanding of the verbiage used and how to explain it well to clients. His 7 years with the TRA taught him the ins and outs of constructional components, which crosses over when considering a home. For example, Marcus is able to answer many questions about the state of a house, as well as when to get an expert involved.

Marcus bleeds ball; specifically softball and baseball. Softball has played a major role in his life since finishing high school. He recently accepted the role of State Director for the Pac Sports Adult Slowpitch Community. “I love being a part of the softball community and helping grow the game that I love so much.” Marcus is also a die-hard Rangers fan. When he’s not at the ball field, you can find him fishing or at the disc golf park playing a round with friends. When asked what he can’t live without besides family, it came down to a tie between his friends and man’s best friend. Marcus is an avid animal lover and volunteers at the local shelter whenever possible.

Marcus gets pumped about the wide variety the DFW market has to offer. “There is something for everyone in all price ranges, whether you’re looking for big city living or a little piece of land.”

“LEAGUE has the values that I look for in a company. They love giving back to the community and helping out their fellow man. They take the time to make sure agents have the edge with the most up to date training, marketing and information.”

Why Marcus?
According to friends and family, Marcus has never met someone that he doesn’t consider a friend. He takes the time to listen to the clients wants and needs and does all he can to exceed their expectations. Marcus truly loves to help others and will go the extra mile for his clients, including helping them move, handling small home repairs, and knowing the location of the nearest grocery store and gas station in relation to their new home! He’s a good listener, knowledgeable and attentive to detail. Marcus’s end goal is to make the home buying and selling process as enjoyable and easy as possible!