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Jessica Montbriand

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Jessica Montbriand’s journey began in Arlington, TX, navigating Summit High School before pursuing her education at TCC and Stephen F Austin State University. Raised in a low-income household, Jessica’s early life ingrained in her the importance of hard work, whether in academics, sports, or summer jobs. Her entry into real estate was serendipitous when her husband, already an agent, sought her assistance. This experience fueled a passion that led her to obtain her real estate license. For Jessica, real estate is more than a profession—it’s a dedication to hard work translating into significant achievements for her clients.

Work and Skills
Jessica’s professional journey is diverse, showcasing her adaptability and resourcefulness. From her teenage years as a mechanic at a car service shop to her twenties as a customer service representative and later an Inventory Manager, Jessica honed her people skills and ability to learn swiftly on her feet. Her roles demanded a hands-on approach, demonstrating her dexterity and problem-solving abilities. Whether fixing mechanical issues or untangling complex computer problems, Jessica’s skill set reflects versatility, quick learning, and an unwavering commitment to finding solutions. In the realm of real estate, these qualities make her a trusted and effective professional, ready to navigate any challenge on behalf of her clients.

Jessica’s priorities reflect a deep love for continuous growth and intellectual exploration. Beyond her family, the one constant in her life is her love for books, an endless source of inspiration and a gateway to possibilities. An avid reader and dedicated writer, she thrives on soaking in new knowledge from the world around her. Jessica firmly believes that there isn’t a setback that can’t be overcome, a perspective rooted in her insatiable curiosity and commitment to learning. Jessica’s ever-whirring mind is a testament to her unyielding passion for self-improvement and the belief that every challenge is an opportunity to expand her understanding of the world.

“Many companies lack the sense of camaraderie, that feeling of being with family. I always envisioned working with people who could easily be mistaken for my actual family. That’s what sets LEAGUE apart; it genuinely feels like a big family. It’s not just a workplace; it’s a supportive community where collaboration and camaraderie thrive.”

Why Jessica?
Opting to work with Jessica means choosing a real estate partner fortified by a diverse background that has not only sharpened her communication skills but also instilled in her a deep sense of empathy, patience, and understanding. At LEAGUE, we take pride in having Jessica as a valued member of our team. Choosing Jessica means choosing a real estate professional who not only navigates challenges with ease but also embraces every opportunity for growth and success, ensuring a rewarding journey for every client she serves.