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Sarah Powell

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Sarah Powell’s journey in real estate is deeply rooted in her love for community and home. Originally from Northern California, Sarah found her way to Texas over a decade ago when her husband completed his service in the Marine Corps. Settling in Arlington initially, Sarah and her family were drawn to the warm, family-oriented atmosphere of Burleson, where they made their home. With a husband in law enforcement and three children, family values and community cohesion are at the heart of Sarah’s priorities. Her passion for turning houses into homes led her naturally to a career in real estate, where she could combine her love for nurturing community bonds with her expertise in property transactions.

Work & Skills
Sarah Powell brings a diverse background to her role as a real estate agent. With roots in the medical field and experience as a certified personal trainer, she combines empathy, expertise, and a passion for helping others. Having personal experience buying and building homes, Sarah understands the nuances of the real estate process and approaches each transaction with enthusiasm. Committed to community-building, she actively engages in her children’s sports activities while also fostering positive relationships within her network marketing business. Honest and eager to learn, Sarah’s dedication to her clients and her craft is evident in everything she does.

Sarah’s core values include faith, family and fitness. An avid enthusiast of physical activity, she thrives on daily workouts and outdoor escapades with her loved ones. Balancing her active lifestyle, Sarah indulges in relaxation through shopping trips and cherished girl time. A natural creator, she finds joy in breathing new life into furniture pieces and crafting delightful charcuterie boards. Grounded in her faith and family, Sarah starts each day with spiritual reflection and invigorating exercise, fostering a holistic approach to well-being that fuels her energy and zest for life.

“Choosing LEAGUE was simple, I walked into the office and immediately felt at home. The warm welcome once you enter the door showed me how much this team truly cares for the people and the future of Burleson and beyond. This team is eager for everyone to succeed and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.”

Why Sarah?
Sarah radiates positivity and warmth, fostering quick rapport and making clients feel valued. With qualities like loyalty and determination, she ensures clients’ needs are met while creating a supportive atmosphere. At LEAGUE, her enthusiasm enriches the team. Clients who choose Sarah benefit from her genuine care and support, ensuring a successful real estate experience.

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