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Melissa Coker

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Melissa Coker was raised in Dayton, Ohio. After graduating from high school, she moved to Long Beach, California and then relocated to Jacksonville, Florida, where she met her husband, John. Though he initially served in the Army Reserves, John re-enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1996, leading the couple to live in various parts of the country and the world, including North Carolina, Florida, California, Japan, and Yuma, Arizona, where he retired in 2016. Melissa’s journey and diverse experiences inspired her to pursue a career in real estate, drawn by the flexibility and the opportunity to positively impact the lives of first-time homebuyers and empty nesters alike.

Work and Skills
Melissa’s extensive and varied career has equipped her with a robust set of skills and experiences that have prepared her exceptionally well for the real estate industry. Having worked in roles ranging from facilities management to executive assistance, and from industrial security to transportation management, Melissa has developed strong organizational, communication, and problem-solving abilities. Her experience in supporting high-level executives and coordinating complex projects has honed her time management skills and adaptability. Additionally, her work with government contractors and military personnel has instilled in her a deep sense of integrity, honesty, and empathy. These qualities, combined with her ability to adapt to new tools and technology, make Melissa a highly effective and reliable real estate agent, dedicated to providing excellent service to her clients.

Melissa finds joy and relaxation in playing golf, a sport she has enjoyed for over a decade. She and her husband have played on courses across the United States and Japan, making it a cherished pastime. She is also an active participant in a community dart league, adding to her recreational pursuits. Beyond enjoying time with family, the beach is her ultimate sanctuary. Traveling to the beach twice a year, she finds it the perfect place for relaxation and rejuvenation, where she can truly unwind and revitalize.

“I chose LEAGUE because they provide an innovative approach to real estate, with a focus on collaboration and exceptional service. They assist clients through complex processes, offer cutting-edge resources, and utilize creative marketing to attract buyers. Additionally, they are committed to making a meaningful impact in the community.”

Why Melissa?
LEAGUE is thrilled to have Melissa Coker on our team, confident in the exceptional service and dedication she brings to her clients. With her extensive background in various fields, Melissa is both professional and knowledgeable, excelling in clear and timely communication. Her clients will find her genuinely caring and attentive, always putting their needs first and actively listening to tailor her approach to meet their goals. Known for her strong problem-solving abilities, Melissa is committed to ensuring a smooth and successful experience for every client. Her blend of experience, empathy, and dedication makes her a valuable asset to the LEAGUE team and a trusted partner for anyone navigating the real estate market!

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