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LaGatha Baxter

Phone: 817-517-3693

Work & Skills
LaGatha has always been drawn to real estate. In 2004, she decided to get her license! She enjoys how the market is continually changing and evolving, and she loves meeting new people and building relationships. She takes time to get to know their interests and learn how she can best help them.

LaGatha and her husband, Russell, are proud to live in Johnson County, where they raised their two sons. They enjoy getting together with friends and family, especially their two granddaughters! In her spare time, LaGatha likes to cook and spend time outdoors planting flowers. She also enjoys fitness, shopping and decorating.

“I was drawn to the support they offer their agents. The technology and marketing they provide allows me to assist my clients the best I can. I also love working alongside other top notch agents!”

Why LaGatha?
LaGatha has years of experience and knows the local area well. She truly “engages” with her clients and puts their care as top priority. She listens and communicates well, working diligently and patiently with clients until they find the perfect home.