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Julie Jeffress

Phone: 817-929-5615

Born and raised in the suburbs of South Fort Worth, Texas, Julie Jeffress attended several schools throughout the DFW metroplex and beyond, gaining a broad perspective on the area. She remained in the region after marrying her husband, Michael, and they eventually settled in Godley to enjoy country living. With three boys and a trio of pets, their household is lively and full of activity. Julie’s passion for real estate developed in this setting, driven by her desire to help others find their ideal homes.

Work and Skills
Prior to her career in real estate, Julie worked at a consulting engineering firm near downtown Fort Worth, where she specialized in design and CAD work for numerous MEP projects and clients. Julie thrives on new challenges and is always eager to learn, continuously honing her skills to better serve her clients.

Dedicated to people, Julie consistently puts her clients first. She strives to meet their goals and genuinely cares about their needs. With an energetic personality, a welcoming demeanor, and a thoughtful approach, Julie aims to make every client feel valued and supported.

Julie loves exploring new places, reading books, and being outdoors. As a family, they enjoy fishing and spending time on the lake, embracing the beauty of nature. Julie also cherishes her time with a close-knit group of friends, traveling together and creating lasting memories. For Julie, the best aspect of living in Johnson County is the slower pace of life, taking the time to see the sights, and having the room to grow.

“LEAGUE’s culture is like a tight knit family: Helping others, supporting each other, and client care.”

Why Julie?
Julie’s commitment to client satisfaction ensures she will tirelessly work to help her clients find their ideal homes. LEAGUE is proud to have Julie on our team, knowing her genuine care for people and relentless pursuit of excellence perfectly align with our values and mission. With Julie, clients can expect a seamless and rewarding real estate experience.

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