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Jeb Bryant

Phone: 817-296-1798

Jeb grew up in West Fort Worth before attending the University of Texas in Arlington. Prior to his start in real estate, he worked as a Sales Consultant for AT&T.

Work & Skills
Jeb is passionate about the privilege of home ownership and the opportunities it provides. The idea of helping others achieve this same goal is what drew him to real estate!

Jeb and his wife, Amanda, work together both inside and outside the home. When they aren’t with clients, they stay active with their three young children. They enjoy being outdoors, watching and playing sports together, and traveling to new places–sunny beaches preferred! The small town, country feel of Johnson County is what drew Jeb and Amanda to make it their home.

“LEAGUE is about supporting their agents and providing them with what is needed to be successful. It’s what I strive to provide my family, friends and clients on a daily basis.”

Why Jeb?
Jeb is patient, meticulous, dynamic and a strong negotiator. He always places the best interest of his clients first, working tirelessly to help them find exactly what they need in order to achieve their goals!