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Cody Lee

Phone: 817-874-5385

Cody had a successful business in the oil and gas transportation industry. By 2013, the business was self-operating, permitting Cody to explore other interests. With his wife, Vicki, in the title insurance business and mother in-law in real estate, Cody decided to get his real estate license with the intent of buying and selling investment properties. Through the process of getting his license, he developed a passion and fascination for real estate and the idea of helping people through a major, emotional milestone in their life. Once licensed, Cody quickly recognized that by utilizing his network and sphere of influence, he had the ability to produce a steady customer and referral base. Rather than uprooting his family and company to chase the oil industry (that at this point was moving west and south), he chose to stay and put his time and effort solely into real estate. “It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Now, 7 years later and with my broker’s license, I have the opportunity to partner with an amazing group of leaders and serve my community through real estate.”

Work & Skills
Cody’s business experience, knowledge of the market, and vast network have greatly contributed to his success in real estate. Most importantly, he is a man of honesty and integrity…two attributes important to life and success in business and relationships! When asked about their buy/sell experience, clients describe Cody as “very understanding about (their) needs and goals. He guided us through the process with the least amount of stress and anxiety as possible. If there was ever a problem, he had a solution.”

When asked about his priorities, Cody’s first response is his faith, family, and people! He also enjoys all things sports and outdoor-related. “I love to travel and see different places and cultures!” Cody is an avid hunter and adventure enthusiast. Health and fitness are very important to him, as is his community. Cody is a member of the board of directors for the Joshua ISD Education Foundation and a member of the Fort Worth Stock Show Syndicate.

Cody is a big fan of Johnson County! He appreciates the small-town feel, despite the rapid growth. “From recreation and farming land to city amenities, we have a great mixture of country and city. It’s a nice, safe place to raise a family. Most of all, it’s the people. The people of this area are amazing! You get a sense of community everywhere you go and we take pride in our community. When called upon, members of this community come through.”

Cody is proud to partner with a brokerage that possesses a service first, collaborative, and relationship-driven culture. This, combined with innovative marketing strategies, gives him the resources to provide clients with top-tier service.


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