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Carly Wallace

Phone: 713-306-5295

Work & Skills
Carly is an excellent communicator and multi-tasker with a meticulous eye for detail. She is personable and friendly, as well as a strong negotiator who fights hard to get the very best for her clients. She and Garrett work as a team, which allows them a unique ability to be more available to clients and places two sets of eyes on every transaction.

Carly and Garrett live with their 3 children and 3 fur babies in Burleson. They enjoy spending time outdoors whenever possible, both at home and away! They love to camp, fish, hike, bike, and vacation in the mountains. They are actively involved in their home church, Pathway in Burleson, and in their kids sports. Carly has recently found a love for fitness and enjoys challenging herself both physically and mentally.

“League just feels like home. It feels like FAMILY. I wanted to join a place where I could grow…and this was it! There are so many quality agents at LEAGUE and I am just so blessed to be a part.”

Why Carly?
Carly’s dedication to her clients goes well beyond the closing table. She is committed to being a continual resource to them, whether it be information on taxes or referrals for painters, plumbers, etc. “My value goes far beyond the sale; my client relationships are of utmost importance to me.”